We are a programming school founded by programmers, we have a lot of dedication and we know the importance of the role we play. That is why many governments, universities, and key ecosystem players consider us an unconditional ally.

To ensure our promise of turning you into a professional who quickly finds a job without prior knowledge, building content and technology is a priority. Having our own content and technology allows us to control the entire student experience. Each interactive tutorial is built incrementally, interactively, self-correcting, and aligned with our objectives of memory retention and instant feedback.

🚨 All our content for free and open-source

We announce the open-source and free publication of all our interactive tutorials, exercises, projects, readings, and videos. We are talking about almost a thousand contents available to everyone.

How is the content organized?

To facilitate access, we have created a content catalog with two ways of grouping: By technology or by content type.

Access content by technology

Here you can find direct access to the most important technologies such as Python, Javascript, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python Flask, etc.

4Geeks Read lessons by technology

Within each reading, project, or tutorial, you will find a link to access more content on the same technology.

Access content by type

The contents are organized into 4 major groups:

  1. Tutorials: The crown jewel is the interactive tutorials, all built using LearnPack, which allows them to be integrated within VSCode, be interactive, have an artificial intelligence tutor that reads your code and helps you solve the tutorials. They also have instant auto-correction, video solutions, and model solution codes.

  2. Projects: We are also publishing a database of more than a hundred projects to solve, similar to those that occur within companies and workplaces. They also feature video solutions, clear instructions, and templates to get started on them without needing to install or configure anything on your computer.

  3. Readings: Finally, we have also decided to publish all the readings and how-to's used in our courses, many of which include many videos, executable codes, and other teaching resources.

  4. Exams: We usually present students with different quizzes that serve as self-assessment tools, allowing them to understand the level of their progress before moving forward. The publication of the exams is still in progress, but a draft can be found at the following link.

Open Source

All content has been synced as packages in GitHub repositories to comply with the open-source methodology. Anyone can modify, translate, or correct the content by making a PR on GitHub on the desired content.

What does free mean?

You do not have to pay anything to access any of the published content.

Why do we do this?

We are committed to our vision:

"To be the most relevant community to boost the coding-related careers of the future and present."

We know that a premium offer like the premium bootcamps of 4Geeks Academy is not for everyone, despite our efforts, not everyone can access them and 85 million programmers, data scientists, and cybersecurity specialists are needed to face the challenges of the present and future.

The content and technology of a bootcamp are factors within the formula for success, but many other things are required to offer a quality product that meets our mission. It requires: