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4Geeks Academy is the place where developers grow and thrive. We are licensed by the USA F. Dep. of Education. Chosen as one of the top 35 coding bootcamps of the world and the top coding bootcamp in Miami according to SwitchUp. 4Geeks Academy has been recognized as one of the top 10 coding bootcamps in the United States according to Newsweek.


Luisa Glum's Experience at 4Geeks Academy in Santiago, Chile

Transformative Journeys and the Income Share Agreement, Elevate Your Tech Skills from Santiago, Chile

Luisa Glum shares her personal journey and how 4Geeks Academy transformed her career path in Santiago's evolving tech landscape

Learn about the innovative Income Share Agreement (ISA) model, a pioneering approach where tuition is paid after securing a job, ensuring access to quality education

With a 95% job placement rate within six months of graduation, our programs ensure tangible outcomes for career advancement

Get everything you need to succeed
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Our mentors will be available to assist you online or in-person throughout the duration of the course. Ask away, there’s no limit to the number of sessions!


Never get stuck with a coding problem. Our dedicated instructors will respond within 30 minutes or less.

Code-Centric Education

We exclusively teach code, ensuring a focused and in-depth learning experience


Receive customized advice, guidance, and training tailored to your unique profile and specific job offers.

What you should know about this location:

Chile is positioning itself as one of the countries with the highest digital growth in the coming years, and particularly in Santiago, the trend of bootcamps has been encouraged in recent years, including 4GeeksAcademy. We have become a great study opportunity for many Chileans and foreigners who want to change their lives and learn about web development. Located a 10-minute walk from the metro station and situated in the eastern part of the city, this office is ideal for all Santiaguinos who want to become programmers. Recently renovated, with high-speed internet and unlimited access for our students.

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Full StackCoding Bootcamp

Become a Full Stack software developer using Python, React, and Javascript. Master the most sought-after- skills and land a job as a developer.

Learn Python to collect and manage data. Create models and solve problems using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI.

For Windows & LinuxCyberSecurity Bootcamp

Become a cybersecurity specialist, equipped to identify, manage, and mitigate system vulnerabilities in compliance with ISO and other standards.

No codeApplied AI

Explore how to leverage artificial intelligence to advance your career. Learn best practices to use generative AI to your advantage and become more productive.

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Our team is dedicated, highly skilled, and always ready to support you on your journey into tech. They provide all the guidance and encouragement you need to launch a successful new career.

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Whether you decide to enroll in our online or in-person program, you'll enjoy real-time, live interactions with our teachers, mentors, and fellow classmates. Engage in dynamic lectures, hands-on projects, and interactive exercises alongside your cohort, and gain all the knowledge you need to become a highly skilled professional.

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