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What will you learn in this course?

Learning to program is also about developing logic and understanding how a computer "thinks",

how they "speak", how the elements of an application mesh and understand each other.

Developing the ability to program goes hand in hand with creativity and the search for

solutions to problems. Programming means solving problems through certain tools with which

instructions are created so that situations or problems are systematically solved by software.

In short, in this course you will learn a new way of thinking. You will develop a solid base of

front-end, back-end, database, distributed process management and deployment to different web

platforms. You will gain the skills and knowledge to create a website by immersing yourself in the

best practices of responsive web design, working with various languages.

What does it mean to be a Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is a developer who has mastered Full-Stack technology, both front-end and back-end. And what does all this mean? So you should know these terms:


Stack translation is "stack of things", in this case it would be the complete

stack of applications that communicate with each other, so that they can execute,

together, an action requested by the user/client


It's everything the user (or client side) can see and interact with.


It is the internal architecture of the site, it is everything that happens on the server side. It is not visible to the user but it is the part that processes the information received from the front-end.

In this way, a full stack developer knows the entire chain of a system or application. The job of these developers is to get the components of a system to communicate with each other to get a program to solve the problem for which it was created.

In a programming course in which you will become a full-stack developer, you will learn about the front-end, the back-end, and what is in between, we can say that APIs are part of what is in between.

APIs are modules that make it possible for two different sets of software to communicate and interact with each other.

By becoming a full stack developer these terms will not be foreign to you and you will live with them to create incredible things!

Herramientas y lenguajes de programación que aprenderás















What includes?

To become a programmer it is not only necessary to have knowledge of tools and languages. It is also important to have help to clear doubts, and have company to overcome the frustrations of learning to program and to introduce you to the world of work as a Jr. developer. In a ttraditional web programming course you will receive technical training, but you will not necessarily have access to other benefits that will make you a comprehensive full stack developer.

> All the Mentoring You Need

Online and in person, for the rest of your life, even to clarify doubts about your code related to your work. We adjust the sessions according to your calendar, we assure you that you have the opportunity for constant mentoring whenever you need it.

> Teacher:Student Ratio 1:7

You'll find more teachers on 4Geeks than the industry average.

> Response Time

Don't get stuck with your code, it won't take you more than 15 minutes for an instructor to help you through any of our community channels.

> Instructors with Live Classes

The 4Geeks classes are totally live. Being connected with instructors and peers makes the experience more enriching.

> Access to the Platform for Lessons, Exercises and Community Channels

As a student at 4Geeks you will have access to the official class platform and you will belong to a community made up exclusively of students, graduates, instructors and academy staff ready to help.

> Intense professional coaching until you find a job

Based on each job opportunity, you will receive coaching in skills other than programming. We will help you perfect your professional profile. You will have personalized advice with our experts to improve your CV, Linkedin, GitHub and Portfolio. We will conduct mock interviews to assess your strengths and weaknesses to create a stronger profile before the actual interviews. Every time you have an interview, we will practice using different technologies. We have our own set of self-rated exercises, so you can practice until you have mastered the skills to get the job you want.

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