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Frequently Asked Questions about 4Geeks

Why 4Geeks Academy?

Is 4Geeks a certified institution?

Why our campus?

Who is that face in the logo?

Frequently Asked Questions about Enrollment

How do I apply?

What is your admission process?

¿Do I need to have my own laptop?

How do I pay for my tuition?

Extended Payment Plan? How does it work? And what does it mean?

Frequently Asked Questions about Programs

How many hours do I need to have available?

Why "Part-time?" How does it work?

Why 'Full-time'? How does it work?

What is the difference between a Full-Stack program and other programs that are more junior such as Website Developer?

What is your schedule?

Do I get a job after completing the program?

Frequently Asked Questions about Experience

Why Javascript?

Why Python?

Why not Node JS?

Do I need to have previous experience in programming to join the bootcamp?

Do I graduate as a 'Senior Developer?'

What is the market like for companies seeking developers?

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