Get a job or your money back

We are all in with you, every step of the way! Secure a job within 6 months of graduation or receive a full refund!

Why are we offering a job guarantee?

We’re here to challenge the traditional education model. Our bootcamps go beyond teaching relevant skills; they are designed to launch new, rewarding careers. Together, we’ll shape your future.

We trust the effectiveness of the program

We trust the industry

We trust the process

We trust you

Why trust us?

A job guarantee seals our commitment to your success! With a proven track record of success, our program will continue to empower future graduates.

The numbers speak for themselves


Job placement rate


Avg. Income at a new job


Average days to get hired

How does it work?

Here's how you qualify for the job guarantee. If you follow every step and do not get hired within 6 months of graduation, you’ll get 100% of your tuition back.

1. Start the program

2. Comply with assignments and attendance

3. Approve the final project

4. Graduate

5. Complete the career support process

6. Get a job in 6 months

Conditions Apply.

Success stories

Our job guarantee program is yielding great results. Check out some of our graduates’ stories:

Naila Kaliyeva

United States of America

I love 4Geeks Academy's approach to teaching students. There are always at least three tutors who will make sure you master your skills and will not give up on you if there's something you don't understand. They never leave my questions unanswered, regardless of how obvious they may seem..and the atmosphere in the school is very warm. I'm grateful to you guys for providing 24 hour access to school, so we can work any time that is convenient for us. Thank you, 4Geeks!!!

Success cases

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