Web Developer: Earn the Salary You Deserve

Day by day, companies are adapting to the increasingly digital world we live in.  This means that they must navigate quickly and efficiently in a language that only few understand but everyone “speaks” - the language of "web."  This is why web developers are becoming increasingly needed in the industries and are kept happy with the salaries they deserve.

Web development has become a primary need for anyone who wishes to enter the logic and dynamics of the new millennium.  Nowadays, if someone does not have a website, web access, or some form of presence on the web, they are quite simply out of reach - which translates into being “invisible” to the world (particularly to potential clients).

We all need to move around on the web and we need to do it in the most adequate and efficient way.  For that, we must learn the language and get to know the exact codes.  That’s where web developers come in, along with the universe of tools that are developed every day.

Statistics from the United States Department of Labor

Quick Facts: Web Developers
2012 Median Pay $62,500 per year
$30.05 per hour
Entry-Level Education Associate’s degree
Work Experience in a Related Occupation None
On-the-job Training None
Number of Jobs, 2012 141,400
Job Outlook, 2012-22 20% (Faster than average)
Employment Change, 2012-22 28,500



The reality shows that there is an ever-growing demand for web developers as more and more systems and processes are digitized and web platforms are chosen as spaces for direct business exchange.  A good web platform will allow better and further client reach.  This sums up the role of web developers in the business world.  They are the ones who will enable companies to have an attractive and efficient web presence, whether it is through a website, a service app, or any other web tool.

It is no surprise then that a web developer’s salary is one of the most coveted salaries in the web market today.  As a web developer, your earnings could increase by 40%.  A graphic designer, for instance, earns approximately $44,150 a year, whereas a web developer can make up to $62,500.  Not bad at all!

Really, in terms of urgency, there is a higher need each day for people who can translate, develop and boost their businesses through high quality web design and web development.  Statistics show that, at this rate, in 10 years there will be over 200,000 openings for developers, but only 20,000 professionals qualified for the job.  You can become one of them and start earning the salary you deserve.  Go get them...eat the world!