Have you ever played Sims, League Of Legends, Zelda or Civilization?  If you have, you are very familiar with the concept of “earning skills.”  The** Talent Tree ®** is one of the things that makes us very proud – it is the foundation on which the entire academic experience is built on.  Here is why:

Knowing is not as relevant anymore

Throughout the years, the teaching methodologies have had a big focus towards “knowing.” Knowing enables humans - making them more valuable and productive.  Basically, the more you know = the better you are.  That is why “Direct Instruction” has become the main teaching method in most universities these days.

Skills over knowledge

When it comes to coding, technologies are evolving so fast that is impossible to become a master (know it all).  Probably, by the time you think you are an expert, the technology has already pivoted into a better approach (framework, library, etc.).

For example: 16 months ago, ReactJS was an experimental library and today it’s the most used technology to create front-end interfaces.  That is why “knowing” ReactJS is not as appreciated as being able (skill) to learn ReactJS by yourself.  Companies test candidate skills, not their knowledge.

That is why we decided to base all of our syllabus, methodology, content, experience and online platform on only one premise:  Making the student develop the required skills for a developer to succeed in the real world.

The Talent Tree

When you start learning in 4Geeks Academy, you are presented with a map with all the skills required to become a real developer.  Having clean organized code, doing research, and problem-solving are only some of the 10 skills that you will need to master in order to become a real-life developer.


You officially have a skill when you earn all of its badges by completing challenges, quizzes, projects, exercises and other stuff.  The more badges you have, the closer you are to becoming a real developer.


Another thing we love about The** Talent Tree ®** is its capacity to empower the student, making them self-aware of their real-time progress throughout the course.

Click here if you want to learn more about our syllabus, program details, and methodology.

Constant Evolution

Finally, we would like to point out that The Talent Tree is as alive as any other tree on earth :).  We are constantly polishing the skills, our content, and the online platform to make everything as fun and effective as possible!