I recall that when I was about to start a new course, I asked myself if the new instructor would be an easy-going person or a conversely one; If s/he would be able to teach all the information that is required to become a good professional.  It makes me think about how important the person is whom can transform clay into a beautiful sculpture.

The truth is that a good instructor not only provides information, but gets involved with the student to ensure that they can transform information into knowledge applicable to the needs of the organizational environment.  The instructor is the person who motivates their students to continue learning and keep searching for new paths in a journey to continually improve.

Who would be the ideal instructor?

If we asked some typical students "What would be the qualities of an ideal instructor?', we might find the following:

-Good communicator’s skill: The tools that an instructor needs to manage to transmit information may become the key to be effective.  Be a knowledge manager.  They should know what to do to make the transition from information to knowledge.

-**Open minded person: **Be able to be both a good listener and flexible enough to accept new ways to do things.

**-Knowledgeable professional: **Having experience combined with theory is key for an ideal instructor.

-**Updated instructor: **Needs to be updated about new tools to apply in teaching.

-**Enthusiastic: **Must love the profession and be able to transmit that intensity to students.

-**Dynamic: **Can apply a different methodology to be sure that students learns the subjects.

**-An ethical and responsible person: **Must be alert to reject any unjust or unethical behavior from students, and strongly react against rumors and others actions that may discriminate anyone because of race, sex or social condition.

-Conflict Management: Must be able to solve problems in the best outcome for the student.

-Punctuality: It is the efficient use of time that takes place in each work session as agreed previously.  Comply with the agreements established in the agreements of instruction, especially those that concern deliveries, evaluations, and punctuality.

-Easy to relate: Being able to interact with students and encourage communication among peers.

-Responsible: We could assume that the instructor is aware that teaching should lead to improve all the qualities described above.

In conclusion, we could say that an instructor is: A person who dominates theoretically and practically one or more specialties with a fundamental purpose to convey their knowledge and experience to others who need it to perform properly in their jobs; dominating teaching-learning methodologies.


At 4Geeks Academy, the instructor is not your typical teacher.  We mentor you, we are always close, and we also have a  student/instructor ratio that allows us to help you and not leave you behind.