Accessible and affordable educational financing Income Share Agreements (ISAs) provide an enticing financing option for higher education. ISAs align the incentives of the educational institution with your career and future, removing the economic barriers to the educational system and quality employment. You won't pay interest or much of the principal until you get a job and generate income with a minimum salary.

4Geeks Academy

Main advantages of Revenue Share Agreements

Relief from financial burdens while in-school: ISAs allow students to focus on their studies without worrying about student debt. It is a payment commitment conditional on employment success. If everything goes well, you’ll start making affordable repayments (max. 15% of your income); High-quality education: 4Geeks and Quotanda partner with the Inter-American Development Bank to offer high-quality courses.

Employment Opportunities: ISAs are designed to prepare you to focus your education on real professional growth, and not just knowledge or tools. To achieve this, you can choose to join the 4Geeks Full-Stack Software Development program or Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program. These are a testament to 4Geeks’ commitment to providing cutting-edge, career-focused education. These comprehensive programs are part-time, being intensive in duration and equipping students with the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the competitive field of software development or data science. These programs also provide skills and knowledge in high demand in large corporations.

See for yourself the success stories at 4Geeks Academy. Our graduates thrive in tech jobs, proving the value of our education. Join us, tap into our success, and start your own journey to a great career with 4Geeks Academy.