Do you want to become a developer? You have 3 choices: College, bootcamps or learn by yourself. But how to decide? You don't even know if you are going to be a good developer, maybe is not for you. Is only fair that we let you test it out first.

We are like the US Open for bootcamps. We don't have coding interviews, neither ask for pedigrees, coding experience or any credentials. Anyone can enroll and take the pre-work.

Probably you are asking why? Here is the thing:

  1. Is an opportunity for the student to try out the course, write his first lines of code, create his first website and see if coding is for him.
  2. We want to know our students, and it is imposible to really know someone after 2 or 3 meetings: The interview process for a bootcamp is pretty much like a job interview. Applicants know what to say in order to please the recruiter, that's why the recruiter needs to work hard in order to have access to the real personality and thoughts of the candidate. At the end, you never know after he starts working.
  3. At the end is also a business decision: If we give away free trials of our product, more people is going to sign up, and less people is going to keep researching other options. Once the student attend to the pre-work the chances are that he likes the product and wants to continue to the in-class phase of the bootcamp.

Our pre-work is remote and online, that way you can do the lessons and exercise at your own schedule, we only ask you to finish the whole2 weeks without quitting.

In the pre-work you will learn: HTML5, CSS and some Javascript. There will be some webinars, and also QA sessions with one of our mentors.

All that said, we encourage you to take the 2 weeks pre-work of our course for free, we ask for a very small (US $160) deposit and you can get it back if you finish the pre-work and you don't want to continue to the next phase.

Sign up for the free 2 weeks pre-work