Yes! We are a Miami Dade part-time web development bootcamp

And we want to stay that way!

We believe part-time studies are the future of education because they offer a more flexible way of learning new things.  But, who wants a flexible way of learning?  Anyone who is working in a full-time or part-time job.  Do you know how many people cannot have the luxury of quitting their jobs to start a full-time immersive study?

Wait, it's not just that we believe in Part-time education because people need to go to work as well.  It's actually a culture.  But, foremost, it is a methodology that we have built in order to offer a premium education in a part-time schedule.  Not everyone can, and that's why we have taken the lead.

The unemployment rate in Miami Dade city is 5.5%, and it is going down!

Unemployment Rate in Miami-Dade County

What that means is that 94.5% of the people can't attend full-time immersive schools.  We asked ourselves, why should we open another full-time course if 94.5% of the people will not be able to sign-up?

But the problem does not stop here...we all know that the world is evolving faster every day.  Professionals need to be constantly updating their knowledge and improving their skills.

How are the people of tomorrow going to keep improving and learning every day, if they don't have access to part-time schools?

Some enterprises all ready have big problems keeping their workforce up to date, because a lot of their employees were hired a long time ago.  Those employees are doing things the same way they were doing them 5 or 10 years ago.  Can you imagine a huge bank giving 8 weeks of paid vacation to 2,000 employees just to have them take an immersive course?

It is not about velocity, it is about consistency.

We envision a future in which everybody is studying all of the time - it is the only way to keep up to date (by studying we also mean practicing, of course).  Remote studies and audio books are going to be more and more important, and other ways of learning are also going to be invented.

Companies are going to need to reduce working hours in order to give employees at least 1 hour of learning every day.  Universities will reduce the length of their programs or split them in smaller consecutive degrees and courses.  Teachers are going to become best friends of inventors, as they will need to learn and experiment a lot faster to improve their knowledge about recently published techniques, tools, etc.

Are you ready for the future of coding bootcamps?

We are ready and excited for the new challenges coming into the education industry.  What about you?  Are you ready?