Yes, we are exited!  We are proud to say that we have partnered with

launchcode-button-300x89One of our main goals at 4Geeks Academy is to develop a reliable hiring platform for our students.  We believe in our graduates talents, but we know finding a job is sometimes not just about being a great developer.  That is why we make a huge effort to prepare our students in every possible way.

How do we prepare our students to get hired?

  1. Github account: From the first day students open their accounts, this is a crucial asset any legit developer should have.  Throughout the course, they publish all their codes into the student's Github account - that way they have a lot of code to show to their potential employers.

  2. One of the projects our students develop in the course is a "Project Portfolio" which becomes their most powerful asset when potential employers review their resumes.

  3. In the last week of our program, our students receive a 1-on-1 resume and LinkedIn profile building session.

  4. We also do some muck-up interviews with them in order to improve their skills.

  5. As a bonus, they attend great networking events to meet potential hiring companies.

Now we can add a new bullet, because having LaunchCode as a hiring partner surely elevates our student's chances to get hired by any one of their companies.  Our LaunchCode partnership give our students access to a network of more than 300 hiring companies with a hiring rate of 90%.  Like they say on their website: "90% of LaunchCode apprentices converted to full-time employment within 90 days".

Here you can find more information about LaunchCode: LaunchCode National Overview