Pricing and the options to pay for a quality program such as the 4Geeks (whether full-stack or machine learning or the data science), it’s just of a fundamental importance. Not just the actual statement (defining the pricing), but most importantly how to make it possible, how to make it achievable and how to make it a reality instead of an obstacle.

In general terms, pricing is an obstacle for top quality education. Every now and then I realize how important is to talk about how are we capable of offering the program at such a spectacular tuition fee. To be honest, we just can, and we just keep getting better at it. Not only our program gets better, more awarded, and increases credibility over the years, but also we are capable of improving access to education for our students.

Recently, we posted some news regarding a new scholarship available for those unemployed or underpaid, and someone on social media said: “That’s impossible, it has to be a Scam”. I couldn’t believe it. We are achieving a level of support that’s almost unbelievable for some. I do understand why it creates that feeling in someone that is not aware of the things we are doing to improve their chances to get the best coding education possible for a fraction of the cost of a regular program in the US (or worldwide).

Now I just remembered how important it is to share, in detail, every option or scholarship or payment plan available for those who are looking to change their life with coding and 4Geeks.

The main question remains the same: how to enroll/get admitted into a premium quality program without compromising your present and future? In this case, how to pay for a worldwide awarded coding program?

Unemployed or Underemployed

We have partnered with Clark University to offer and bring their Tech Booost Program to 4Geeks Academy students. If you have a work permit in the US and you are unemployed or underemployed (ask for clarifications if needed, but look below for more info), you can get a scholarship for up to $4000 that will be applied to your tuition at 4Geeks.

It can be applied to any of pur programs. For example, if you are applying to become software developer (full-stack program), and you get accepted as part of the Tech Boost Scholarship Program (you can apply here), your tuition will be reduced $4000. That means that if you enroll now (by the moment we posted this article, our tuition for the whole program is equal to $9999), you could only pay $5999 for everything that we offer at 4Geeks:

  • **Unlimited Career Support

  • **Lifetime acces to our mentorship support system;

  • **Full-class and content access;

  • **Lifelong access to our community and network

Veterans, african-americans or women

In 2022 we partnered with United Way Miami in order to offer The United Way Miami Workforce Project; an exciting new training program made possible by United Way Miami, 4Geeks Academy, and Social Finance.

Any Miami-Dade resident with an annual household income below the Area Median Income, who is a citizen, permanent resident, or DACA recipient is invited to apply. People of color, veterans, and single female heads of household are encouraged to apply.

There are no upfront payments for participants. Payments start only if you get a job earning more than $35,000 annually. Participants who don’t find and keep jobs with salaries above $35,000 pay nothing.

  • Enroll in the program.

  • Learn software development skills.

  • Graduate and complete your projects.

  • Land a job.

  • Pay back for the program after you start making more than $35,000.

You can review the conditions here. The program is available in our part-time or full-time programs and we we have opened 100 spots to be filled in the next 8 months!

However, if you are an african american that is not located in Miami Dade County, you can apply for a scholarship ($4000 off your tuition) program that was launched together with our friends of Blacks In Tech. You can be anywhere in the US but you have to be committed and engaged to complete the program in full.

Regular ISA

If you live in the US and have a work permit and you don’t fall under any of the other options offered, you can always join 4Geeks through the Income Sharing Agreement we offer together with Leif. The conditions to apply are easy:

  • **You have to have a decent credit background: no huge debts or college loans unpaid

  • **You have to approve a simple logical test

  • **You have to make a deposit equal to $500

After you complete the admissions process, you can apply for the ISA and join any of our programs.


If you are a member of the community, you can apply for a scholarship program supported by Lesbians Who Tech, and get 50% off your tuition at 4Geeks Academy.

Only 2-3 spots available per year.

##Other Payment Plans

For the full balance pending upon your final tuition with us, you can always go and ask for loan through any of our partners:

  • **Ascent: monthly payment starting at $140 a month. Apply here. Decent creit score needed.

  • **Climb: monthly payment starting at $160 a month. Decent creit score needed. Apply here.

  • **Quotanda: monthly payment starting at $200 a month. No need to have a good credit score. Only provide a co-signer and a small deposit. Apply here.

On the other hand, if you want to pay on your own and save some money, but at the same time you do not qualify for any of the options herein referred, then you can opt to go with the Upfront payment option, which allows you to pay in up to 3 parts and get a 10% discount out of the tuition fee.

1 People without a permanent full-time job or people with an employment that is not equivalent to the level of skills or education or wage that should be applied to them.