The #IntroToCoding Workshop Level 2 sponsored by Facilcloud and lead by our instructor Jose Cirigliano was held on December 17th at WeWork Lincoln Road.

4Geeks Academy IntroToCoding Workshop

The topic of the workshop was: How Does The Web Work? HTML + CSS and everyone who attended received USD1400 to use in the cloud.

In case you missed it, here we provide you with a summary of the night.

The Internet

The internet is a series of devices connecting one to another and interacting between each other. If we think of each device as a store, one can say that the roads connecting them are the browser, therefore the action of traveling from one store to the other is called browsing.


To be able to build a store we need a blueprint and such is built through the use of HTML tags.  These HTML tags are the base of the website and allow the developer to build the main structure of it with a rough format.  Although the HTML tags are essential for building a website, so are the Selectors and Rules of CSS.4Geeks Academy IntroToCoding Workshop

The Cheat Sheet Style or CSS allows the web developer to add a stylish touched to the store such as colors, alignment, font, etc; making it more appealing to the spectator.

Because we know it is hard to remember all of them we have created a cheat sheet for you to be able to practice on your own.  Download it and share it with your colleagues.

We hope you enjoyed learning with Nacho.  He is very passionate for teaching and has several years of experience as a developer with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Sciences.  His extensive knowledge positioned him as Project Leader in 4Geeks, our parent company, developing 250+ currently active software.

The tip of the night

Remember that one of the most common mistakes a web developer makes is to forget adjusting the size of the images to that of the

You can access at any time to continue sharpening those coding skills and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

See you at our next event.