Today I'm very happy to announce GeekPAL.

What is GeekPAL

GeekPAL stands for Programing Anytime Limitless. It's disneyland for learning to code, what any coding student could possible want: Support, Support, Support.

  1. Unlimited one-on-one mentoring: The moment you signup you have the possibility to schedule 1-on-1 mentoring sessions.
  2. Study groups: Every day we have a room for group study, the room is leaded by one mentor and you can come in an follow the study or do some practice of your own.
  3. 15 minutes to get answers: Our teams works very hard to ensure a 15min response time to your questions, nevery feel alone again.
  4. 9am-9pm support chat: Students and teachers belong to an online community were you can ask questions in real time, any time.
  5. For life: Even after you graduate you can continue having access to the support, come and resolve your work related assignments with the help of our mentors.
  6. Content: Hundreds of video tutorials, hundreds of exercises (auto-graded), online lessons, the online platform with tasks and daily follow up.

What else can you possibly want? I believe thi is the perfect combination of mentorthip and tools to ensure a successfull.