What to believe when speaking about coding programs in Miami.

People are talking and taking Coding programs.  More and more.  It looks like a trend.  Like a cultural bubble of recent years.  There are hundreds of coding Schools all around the U.S.  Every major city in the U.S. has at least three to five (3-5) Bootcamps (aside from Online Bootcamps)..

But it’s actually more than just a trend.  It’s society requiring more developers.  It’s evolution asking for skillful people.  Companies, non-profit organizations, governments, small firms, everyone needs to hire more software developers.  As we stated recently, innovation and technology is delayed because of the lack of skillful talent.  Therefore, the answer is: let’s train students in 4-6 months with the basic skills to face a position of a Web Developer.

Now, there are plenty of opportunities to enroll a Full Stack program.   In Miami we have some important players (Iron Hack, Wyncode, 4Geeks Academy, etc.), programs, and prices.  It all depends on three main factors: 1. Which kind of training you want to get (languages and methodology);2. How much money you want to spend; 3. Which is your level of commitment.

Normally, the answers to those questions would be: 1. PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, CSS, and of course, a program with in-person classes, like a traditional classroom where I can meet my instructor and share a class with other students; 2. Not so much money.  The less expensive, the better; 3. I work or go to college already, so I only have a few hours per day (working hours) and nights to study.  I can’t go all day long for 4 months in a row to an Immersive Bootcamp.

There is one answer for all those requirements: Miami Dade College.  The Interamerican Campus has launched a Full Stack program with over 20 graduates already: part-time, for an unbeatable price, 3 times a week, with all the coding languages demanded in Florida, with a great location, free parking, great instructors, blended methodology, full of exercises and project oriented.  They teach Front-End and Back-End and they are committed to help you become a Junior Web Developer.


Wyncode – IronHack - 4Geeks Academy

Miami Dade College


$11,500 - $11,000 - $6,000 $3,405
Specialty Full Time – Full Time – Part Time Part Time
Languages Ruby on Rails – JavaScript – JavaScript and PHP JavaScript-PHP
Time 10 weeks – 9 Weeks – 16 Weeks 14 Weeks
Total Hours 400 hours – 320 hours - 310

265 hours

It is a 14-week program and it’s only $3,405.  No other fees are charged to the student.  This is a Miami Dade College program and you will become a Miami Dade College student.  It’s not just a Bootcamp, it’s the experience, reputation and history of one of the largest Colleges in the U.S. focused on getting you trained with the skills of a Full Stack Web Developer.

Please find more details about the Miami Dade College Full Stack program [here](http://ce.mdc.edu/full-stack http://ce.mdc.edu/full-stack).