We’ve all seen the statistics about women in tech.  Gender gaps is a reality, but we are not going to talk about those gaps anymore; we are celebrating gender diversity at 4Geeks Academy.  That’s why we are so proud and happy to announce that our Cohort III at Downtown Miami has a 60% female enrollment!

Lack of mentoring and female role models are some of the barriers for women pursuing tech careers.

Therefore, we are committed to empowering our students’ life by not only delivering a Premium Coding Education but by providing open opportunities in the tech field - making efforts for integrating them into more and more diverse communities of professionals through our career support program.  Working to promote women’s participation in learning to code in Florida is one of our premises.  It’s not casual, and it’s not sponsored by anyone.  It’s their choice.  Women in Miami are choosing 4Geeks to build their software careers.

We acknowledge the importance of closing gender gaps.  In fact, our own team (4Geeks staff) is 50% women and 50% men.  We believe in the importance of a balanced teamwork, and now we want to promote women participation in designing and developing high-quality tech products and services.

In the meantime, we are still working together with Bridges Unite not just to improve the numbers but also towards making this a regular trend.  If you want to get involved and even participate for a full sponsorship of your coding education, please click here and start the process.  You could become a part of it in our upcoming programs.