After the completion of a structured program like a coding bootcamp like 4GeeksAcademy, it can be difficult for graduates to stay consistent in continuing to further their programming portfolio on their own. Standing out among peers is also a challenge, which impacts confidence during the job search. The catch-22 of needing a job to get a job is especially real for junior tech talent and those pivoting from other careers.

4Geeks Academy coding bootcamp in miami has partnered with Co.Lab to tackle this issue head-first.

Simulating Real-World Tech Environment

Co.Lab tackles this issue with a fully remote, part-time, 8-week long software development bootcamp that simulates a real, professional tech environment following their own 4-step plan. Students work in cross-functional teams to build products, along with the guidance of an industry mentor. They are matched into a team with a product manager, designer, and another developer, and work together to ship a real product. Co.Lab allows graduates to gain interdisciplinary team experience, which is a significant benefit in the industry.

Benefits for Students

Co.Lab focuses on helping bootcamp graduates gain real-world tech experience, become job-ready, and keep up momentum. Graduates will speed up their job search, with 85% of Co.Lab participants landing roles within 3 months of graduation. Co.Lab provides structure and continuous accountability in a supportive environment for students, allowing them to keep up momentum. Co.Lab also helps graduates build confidence in their unique skills, highlighting their value when job searching.

How does the partnership benefits our graduates?

4GeeksAcademy graduates can get a guaranteed spot in Co.Lab’s program, following their graduation from the bootcamp. Students will also get access to additional perks and community resources as part of their Co.Lab experience.

Ernesto Gonzalez was one of our graduates that joined Co.Lab’s program: “At Co.Lab I was able to experience an environment similar to that of an actual work environment. It was an amazing opportunity to work with another developer, a product manager, and a designer on an actual product. This team work experience was invaluable for someone like me who was just starting in the field.”