Long are the days since we had to enroll in higher education just to have the chance to get access to the best job positions in the market. Coding and the activities around it are in dire need of talent. Miami Dade College has always looked further and offered students the best choices in career paths, that’s why MDC and 4Geeks Academy have been working together for more than 2 years already, in order to take students on a coding journey that won’t make them break the bank and will take them to excellent jobs.

Academic excellence at the right place

College has always been an experience not everyone wants to go through, even less than the previous stages of school. But that doesn’t mean people don’t like to learn or nobody is getting prepared to excel at their careers. The college mentality seems to be too slow for our modern times.

Miami is a thriving city and it has been that way for a long time. Settling in such a place can be quite rewarding. You start to surround yourself with all kinds of people and ways of life. You also start to get immerse into different industries, topics, careers. It’s a city full of complexities but with many opportunities as well. Miami Dade College is also taking part in it, by offering the most affordable yet powerful program in Miami.

Achieving visibility to offer greatness

4Geeks Academy with its unique (Wordpress + React) program, their instructors, methods, and exercises get another kind of visibility through Miami Dade College. People tend to trust college institutions more than a Bootcamp. The School of Continuing Education & Professional Development is providing exactly that: a program that helps you develop the coding skills urgently needed in the job market.

It almost doesn’t matter anymore what area of Human Knowledge anyone is in, technology is always an important element in everyone’s life. Many things can be solved through tech, as it identifies and represents mental models to develop applications with a purpose and that give value to people. Programming is not just building things buy empathizing with the users, understanding their needs and desires.

4Geeks Academy and Miami Dade College: Partners in success

To learn how to code means many things. “The most disastrous thing that you can ever learn is your first programming language” (Alan Kay). However, 4Geeks Academy and Miami Dade College (InterAmerican Campus) have been showing many students how to get there through a flipped classroom methodology that allows the student to absorb every bit of information through practice.

This program is designed to give students high-quality content. Many programming languages can solve other people’s problems but not all of them are popular or necessary all the time. Bringing WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, and ReactJS together in a program allows students to succeed as a web developer after completing their education.  

We have now graduated more than 100 students and launched 7 Full Stack cohorts already. Our students talk about how this program fits them greatly. Josh Lewis, one of our alumni, talked to us about what made him take the leap and choose the course: “I saw the reviews and saw people being enthusiastic about their experience at 4Geeks, and it seemed like the right fit. The pricing looked like a gimmick, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was, considering the number of hours and hands-on time. I thought I gotta get on this. That and the relationship with Miami Dade College, who was offering the course, made me feel like it was legit.”

The right choice for many

The deciding factor for many can be the affordability of the program. We made it possible, and everyone is now entitled to take a step forward in their careers. for students to access the training and knowledge put together for them at a very low cost. We can say with certainty that this program is the cheapest part-time course in Miami, the only one offering as many things. Martin Taylor, another of our graduate students, also manifested loving how affordable the course was, making it easier for him to get into the course while maintaining a job and his family life.

For everyone involved (students, teachers, employers) the work that Miami Dade College and 4Geeks Academy are doing is just a win-win. One more person that learns to code is a victory for knowledge and human progress, and at$geeks we strive for that. Learn more about Miami Dade College’s coding program here. Learn coding skills that change your life, and change the world.