As passionate educators, we aim to impact the educational ecosystem of Miami by teaching coding to young professionals who understand its importance in the constantly changing market.  What better way to do so than to collaborate with the organization that is the leader among the Miami community of young entrepreneurs: Casimiro Global Foundation.

Our partnership with Casimiro Global Foundation seeks to empower young entrepreneurs by teaching them coding skills which they implement in their pitch day in the Biznovator Camp.  This 1-3 week international camp trains youth, ages 13 to 20, in a FUN and inspiring format.  They learn entrepreneurship, social innovation, leadership, coding skills and much more!  While working in teams, they learn to create a social enterprise - a tech savvy venture or a passion-driven project.  Visits to corporations, high tech start-ups and non-profit organizations allow students to network and further their learning directly from experts.


The Casimiro Global Foundation has invited Alejandro Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder of 4Geeks Academy to speak at the Innovators of Change Forum to be held this upcoming March at Florida International University.

Open to students, professionals and the broader community, the IOC features engaging talks by entrepreneurs, industry leaders and academics who bring about positive change in their communities and the world through their innovative work.  In both a youth and adult panel, guests will learn firsthand from innovators of change!  Stay tuned for more details. We are very excited to join Casimiro Global Foundation in their venture to continue planting the seeds of education in the young entrepreneurs of Miami.