Berlin is a paradise for the IT and engineering sector. Software engineers in Berlin are a protected species, and the market produces many positions that cannot be filled due to lack of qualified labor.

The number of female software engineers in Berlin is 2,501, being the seventh on the list after London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Barcelona and Amsterdam with the largest number of female software engineers. Since this is a small number, we can then assume that most software engineers in Berlin are men.

There are +7,000 vacancies to work as a software engineer in Berlin, and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

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Software Engineers in Berlin have an easier life

Berlin is a kind of German development hub. There are a lot of different institutes, production organizations, research centers, and companies that make this city predisposed to growth and development in the context of high technology.

Because Berlin is the business center of Germany, there is never a lull in the labor market. Local and international companies that have offices in this city are constantly developing new projects and need engineers of different specializations. New software engineer in Berlin vacancies appear on specialized job portals almost daily.

Among the top 5 jobs titles that have the best pay in Berlin we can find:

IT Manager (avg. €95,000) Software Engineer (avg. €67,000) Software Developer (avg. €60,000) Engineer (avg. €59,000) IT Project Manager (avg. €59,000)

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Software Engineer Salary in Berlin

The average salary for a software engineer in Berlin is €67,000 p/y and the tech scene in Germany is booming with a high demand of +700,000 tech specialist wanted.

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Software Engineer job

There’s a niche of more than 400,000 open vacancies for IT positions, tech professionals around the world view Germany as a desirable place to work, if you live in Berlin, a Coding Bootcamp in Berlin can prepare you to build a better financial future, by 2023 Germany will need an extra 700,000 tech specialists!

The software engineer job description starts with background requirements. Applicants would be expected to have broad experience with computer systems and applications such as C++ or Java.

Depending on the specific scope of the role, the skills required will vary, but employers will look for candidates who can offer strategic problem solving, strong analytical skills, collaboration, adaptability, a willingness to learn, innovation, and communication.

While you can expect the software engineer job description to be unique to each individual organization, there are common requirements that will be expected no matter where you work.

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As software engineers continue to be in great demand, those looking to land the role they want will need to ensure their skills are as up-to-date as possible.

The tech industry evolves quickly and keeping up on the latest industry trends and tools is one of the best ways to keep your skills fresh.

We are talking very seriously when we tell you being a software engineer in Berlin is easier than you can imagine!

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