Hi Geek! Welcome again, on this blog post we'll be talking about Python, why it is so popular, its libraries and use, top jobs that include Python in their toolbox, the industries and companies with the highest demand for Python programmers, and more! Hope you enjoy it.

Is no secret to any software enthusiast that Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages, but why? We are here to explain all the benefits that mastering Python comes with, and why if you are pursuing a career in technology, you'll most likely have to learn this language.

Python is a very intuitive and easy-to-learn program language, which is one of the reasons it became so popular, but also because is a very versatile programming language.


In the 2021 Developer Survey ran by Stack Overflow over 83.052 respondents positioned Python as the 3rd most popular programming language.


This is a very powerful insight that points out the fact that more and more people are developing more work using Python.

Now is time to get to know why, here we pointed out 3 main reasons why Python is so popular and in high demand for tech professionals:

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly: Python is one of the easiest programming languages to adopt even if you don't have a professional background. This language uses significant white space and syntax-friendly aims to give the user better readability and understanding.


  1. Rich Libraries: As of today, there are 137.000 libraries available in Python, and they play an essential role in the development of machine learning, software development, data science, data visualization, and more.


According to 365 Data Science Python's most popular libraries are:

  • Django: software and app development.
  • Flask: web application development.
  • Pandas: machine learning and data manipulation.
  • CherryPy: web development.
  • Pygame: game development.
  • Tensorflow: machine learning and deep learning.
  • Selenium: automation testing.
  • PyTorch: machine learning and deep learning.

And last but not least,

  1. Versatile: Having Python in your toolbox makes you are a strong candidate to become a software engineer, machine learning professional, python developer, game developer, data scientist, data analyst, and more!


These 3 insights show that Python is a very useful language for tech professionals, both front and backend scripting users, giving its rich libraries and versatile use, Python is a programming language that adapts to perform different tasks for different job positions.


Here is a shortlist of the tech professions that include Python in their toolbox, and the annual salary wage paid as an entry-level in the United States, according to PayScale:

  • Software and app developers $64.000/year | €27.770/year
  • AI & Machine Learning specialists $94.000/year | €34.800/year
  • Data Scientists $85.000/year | €35.100/year
  • Data Analysts $57.000/year | €28.936/anual

The annual salary wage shifts according to each country, but this list is a good place to start.

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According to 365 Data Science, these are the top companies with the highest number of job offers for Python programmers in the United States tech industry:

1. Apple1. Glovo
2. IBM2. Cabify
3. Amazon3. Microsoft
4. Tesla4. Accenture
5. Facebook5. Telefonica


And these are the industries with the highest demand for Python programmers:

  1. Technology - 18%
  2. Finance - 9.95%
  3. Education - 5.15%
  4. Retail & Wholesale - 4.97%
  5. Consulting & Business service - 4.29%
  6. Manufacturing - 3.09%
  7. Media & Communications - 2.92%
  8. Healthcare - 2%

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