In this article you will find post-pandemic challenges tech companies are facing, how internships and bootcamps are key opportunities to prepare your company for challenging market demands, and successfully lead your workforce into a post-pandemic tech revolution.

New set-skills and roles are required to keep-up with disruptive technologies that are massively growing and transforming economies, changing forever the way we work, school, consume, entertain and live.

Source: World Economic Forum

Covid-19 is considered the biggest crisis of our era, impacting millions of companies around the world, cracking the social system as we know it and disrupting every sector of the global economy. Work automation and global recession are the primary outcomes of the 2020 breakout pandemic, leaving millions of people without jobs and companies facing challenges to reinvent their products and workforce.

About 85 million jobs worldwide will be displaced and 97 million new roles will be adapted to new skill-sets in the next 5 years according to the World Economic Forum future jobs 2020 report.

"By 2025 companies expect 1 in 2 workers will need reskilling, and those remaining in their current roles will need to update 40% of their skill-set to adapt to the changing labor market." World Economic Forum

The technology industry has been on the frontline of this scenario, facing many challenges, adapting to disruptive trends and growing at a speed level rarely seen before, some might call this crisis the beginning of "the fourth industrial revolution" according to Pluralsight reports.

So in the midst of these challenges, how will companies transition? Focusing on developing their talents through learning programs.

Some advices from McKinsey Digital and our team analysis suggest the following scenarios and opportunities:

Scenarios Opportunities Exponential and high speed growth in tech industries

Shorter shelf-life of employees skill-sets due to technology advances

New mindset of human capital development

Other industries migrating to technology systems

New roles and talent acquisitions

Investing on new set-skills learning programs

Development and strategy front and center of your workforce

Increasing demand of software developing talents

So what should tech companies focus on 2021? New positions and skills

increasing demand in informatic roles chart

Top 20 job roles in increasing demand across industries according to Future Jobs Survey 2020, World Economic Forum.

With "Software and Applications Developers" heading the #9 on the list, the following chart run by Statista shows the global software developer population is expected to reach 28.7 million people by 2024, an increase of 4.8 million from the number seen in 2019.

increasing developers in years chart

The increasing demand of tech related talents for the exponential growth of tech industries is one of the main scenarios for the coming years.

As well several set-skills will be required to maintain teams in competitive positions.

What are the primary skill-sets companies are printing on their teams and looking for in hiring positions? Specially in the tech industry and software teams.

Classification framework for jobs and skills: 2020 report employed the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) framework for its categories of analysis for jobs, skills and tasks.

Classification of specialized skills used on digital jobs, skills taxonomy:

Digital Technology use and development Creating and maintaining technology Capacity to use programming to design machines or technological systems which fit user needs. In addition, understanding how others use tools, determine the cause of operating errors and how to fix them.

Skills include:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Hardware & Networking systems

  • Cybersecurity and application security

  • Data Science and Analysis

  • Human computer interaction

  • Scrum/Agile product development

  • Software and programming

  • Technical support and maintenance

  • Web development

Using and operating technology Capacity to select the right tools needed to perform tasks, use those tools well and set up and operate technology.

Skills include:

  • Accounting and finance software

  • Construction management software

  • Clinical information systems

  • Digital design

  • Digital Literacy

  • Digital marketing

  • Geographic information systems

  • Human resource management systems

  • Productivity software

  • Machining & manufacturing technologies

  • Scientific computing

Source: World Economic Forum

Relative importance of different skills groups:

top 15 coding skills chart top 10 focus skills for employed people chart top 10 focus skills for unemployed people chart

How to keep up?

Coding Bootcamps have become a big hit in the tech community the past decade for many reasons:

Concentrated training programs that actively generates new talent expertise in a shorter period of time than university degrees Competitive skills quality regarding specialized professionals Straightforward goal mindset with a high-impact methodology Coding skills in Full-Stack Software, Web or Front-End development and Software Engineering Beyond developing websites, coding enables talents to work in many demanding positions in the tech industry, such as: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, A.I., Virtual Reality, UX/UI design and more, the highest positions in demand.

Partnerships between coding bootcamps and companies are now more often than ever, and there is no doubt this trend will keep growing in the coming years as a solution for companies to keep up with their growth, skills gap, and innovative projects.

Internships, and talent training are definitely an important part of a 2021 leader's roadmap to transition their companies on to the next chapter.

So where would you rely on if the future of your workforce depends on it?

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Tech companies around the globe are investing in learning programs, new talent acquisition, and upskilling their teams. Some organizations affirm that by 2025 70% of their workforce will keep training to ensure a smooth transition into the jobs of tomorrow.

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By Giovanna Anzola Content Creator at 4Geeks Academy