** **Companies are looking for professionals with a combination of skills that are not represented in the regular resume. If you’re looking for a new job, you may have noticed that when someone is looking to hire a developer (or any other fields), the list of requirements is long and very broad. Don’t panic! That’s the reality, and you better catch up. 

Nevertheless, what are hybrid jobs? Are positions that crave a combination of skills that not normally merge. If you want to apply for a hybrid job, you must have skills that were previously for different roles/positions, but now they blend perfectly. Technology is in constant expansion and it’s changing dramatically in the business world. According to a recent report, published by Burning Glass Technologies, a company that has analyzed more than a billion job postings, professions are becoming “complex” and demanding.

Burning Glass Technologies found the hybrid trend in 2015 and the movement has significantly increased   “Hybrid roles are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs overall (21% vs 10% over the next decade)”, affirms the study. 

In fact, these hybrid jobs are growing at twice the rate of the overall job market. They are 20-40% higher-paying than their more-traditional counterparts, and they are now found in every field of business. On the contrary, unlike 2018, this year more than 1.7 million jobs have been published in a wide labor field, companies that require data science skills. The hybrid jobs are not only growing fast and well paid, but they have a great advantage and it’s that they are immune to automation, while single-role jobs can be automated, hybrid works can only be done by people. 

Sure, software can analyze data, but we need people to interpret the analysis, apply it and make sure it’s ethical and valid. 

Hybrid Skills: not only software skills

Have you heard about purple squirrels? Yes, they don't exist in the real world but for today ́s recruiters are everything. A purple squirrel is the perfect job candidate, the one with the experience, education and eager to go further for becoming a multi-functional individual. Now you must have a combination of skills such as creative thinking and powerful analysis to succeed in business. Technology is a fundamental component of this trend but is not the exclusive force of it. 

Burning Glass ensures that the necessary skills for any professional who wants to become hybrid, fall into five key skill areas:

  • Big Data and Analytics 

  • Intersection of Design and Development 

  • Sales and Customer Service 

  • Emerging Digital Technologies 

  • Evolving Compliance and Regulatory Landscape

picture of 5 coding skill areas

So, what does this mean? We are told: education starts with school and ends with your university degree. Wrong! Maybe that works for some but the truth is, if you want to succeed, given the outlook of careers in the future, you should be a lifelong learner. What do you need? A lot of motivation. Be willing to learn every day because you recognize that knowledge enhances the understanding of everything and will provide you better opportunities and also, will improve your quality of life.

Blending multiple abilities it’s a must in a world where artificial intelligence and automation are taking away job positions for humans. 4Geeks Academy offers limitless career support because we know you will need help to face the challenges at your new job where you’ll have to demonstrate your new skillset as a programmer. 

Coding is a vital skill that any purple squirrel should have. In a digitizing life, having some tech proficiency could be your ticket for innumerable professional opportunities. Learning to code will increase considerably your potential to be valuable at any company. Marketers, designers, IT,  and other professionals have needed learning to code intended to get better jobs and improve their lives. 

How to be ready for a hybrid tech job?

It is a fact that the rise of hybrid jobs is increasing daily. To face this reality, you have to prepare yourself in different disciplines that go beyond your professional area. Having technological and digital skills is fundamental if you want to succeed in that hybrid position. Learning to code is no longer a limited task only for programming students. Having basic knowledge about programming, coding and web development is essential in today's world for getting new jobs, even if it is not your main work area. 

We’ll be left behind if we don’t start to jump into this race. We must keep our skills up to date so we’ll be ready to manage any job position. 4Geeks Academy believes in the current relevance of hybrid jobs and also, in the proper preparation of the new hybrid professionals to conquer the challenges that they’re facing today at the companies. 

As technology continues evolving rapidly, teaching coding is part of lifelong learning and will be fundamental for any professional. That is why our academy guarantees the necessary skills to be successful.

To get started and apply for your part-time coding Bootcamp, contact us today.