What is a Full Stack Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is an intensive course of 6 months long approximately in which the student becomes a Junior developer in a certain discipline without any previous knowledge. Bootcamps are characterized by their intensity, they are very short compared to traditional universities that generally takes several years, most of them are quite expensive, and the content taught is outdated. In general, the concept coding bootcamp applies to courses that belongs to the technology area like, web development, block chain or cybersecurity.

A Full Stack Bootcamp offers training in both Front End and Back End development, preparing the students to solve real life problems. In this way, the student is trained in an integral way with a complete understanding of the building of web applications.

Curriculum and Course Outlines of Full Stack Bootcamps

A Full Stack Developer Bootcamp generally does not provide a wide variety of languages and work tools, but instead provides a large enough and very useful toolbox that allows the graduate to offer their services for several tech companies or even work in some personal projects, and with time the developer will continue learning new techniques and workflows.

Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamps: Generally varies in some aspects allowing students to pick the study plan that best fits their situation, having in mind job and personal aspects, schedules and possibilities. The modalities are generally the following:

Online or face-to-face: The big difference lies in the possibility of the student attending a bootcamp from home, compared to physically present in a place. Although each of these modalities has its advantages, there are also certain disadvantages with them that must be considered when investigating the bootcamp that best suits the reality of each future student. Most of bootcamps offer an online coding bootcamp experience, where you can study in almost any country in the world.

Real time or own speed: Bootcamps differ from other modes of study due to their intensity, personalized guidance, and emphasis on teamwork. Some academies might offer "self-paced bootcamps" which we consider a stretch, because a self-paced program cannot have a good personalized guidance nor teamwork projects.

Skills and Technologies Taught in Full Stack Bootcamps

Since bootcamps are short-term courses, they generally teach the student only 1 or 2 well-learned tools to quickly enter the job market. On a Full Stack Bootcamps, these tools are called frameworks which will be used for Front End development along with all the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and for Back End development, along with building and managing database.

At 4Geeks Academy, for example, students are taught the tools in each area most used and most demanded by companies nowadays, giving students the maximum chance of joining a company when finishing the bootcamp. For the Front End, the future developer is trained with React, a very useful, powerful and demanded framework today, written and worked with JavaScript language and for Back End, it offers training with Python language, the most popular programming language today, and the use of relational databases (SQL).

Benefits of Attending a Full Stack Bootcamp

With the tremendous growth of web development that we have experienced for over 15 years, the demand for Front End, Back End and Full Stack developers have grown very strongly. The number of offered jobs by this market is enormous and extends to practically every country in the world.

As per a report by Labor-Statistics-US Bureau, jobs for full-stack developers will exceed 853,000 by 2024.

The great benefit of attending a Full Stack Bootcamp is the possibility of participating in this industry and its growth in a very fast way, even allowing those interested to reinvent themselves professionally from their usual work without the need to stop working to attend a university, that is, much cheaper, quickly and easily.

Learning on your own on the Internet is possible, but it is not easy to access an organized learning path, in a logical order and information from good sources to be able to absorb and prepare in the best way, responding to what web development companies need today from their workers.

Also, as mentioned above, the contact networks that can be formed in an environment such as a bootcamp are enormous, and it is not possible to form them in by-your-own learning, which not only makes you grow personally, but also being able to form friendships, learn from others, meet companies, leaders, which are good tools that will help you find job opportunities after the bootcamp graduation.

Certain bootcamps, such as 4Geeks Academy offer a job search help system for their graduate students called Geekforce. This means that, once graduated, they get in touch with many companies that are looking for developers and helps you to position yourself in a company that meets the expectations and preferences of the recent graduate, all this at no additional cost.

In addition, it offers a lifetime mentoring system, this means being able to schedule meetings with experts who can help you solve a certain technical problem both for a personal project and for a company in which you are working. This way you have lifetime technical support from knowledgeable mentors who can help you with any future web development problems you may have, and most likely these problems will appear.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Full Stack Bootcamps

Web development allows a teamwork to be physically separated and all work together in a very orderly way. Online (or remote) training inserts the student from the beginning in the remote work flow, quickly learning to complement the work of different people in a single project, communication with different tools for work teams and the use of git, which is used worldwide for projects of this type. The face-to-face modality does not offer this possibility to the students, but it does have their physical participation, thus being able to have a much more active participation and make a good networking more naturally for possible job options at the moment. After finishing the course, this is due to the contact with professors, classmates, academics and speakers that you will see throughout your training process.

4Geeks Academy has campus in many different locations such as a coding bootcamp in Miami or a coding bootcamp in Berlin, you can search through our campus list and find your desired location.