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Expand your capabilities and boost your efficiency!

Learn to leverage text-based generative models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Llama3, along with image generation tools such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Midjourney.

About this program

Our comprehensive Applied AI course is tailored for professionals eager to leverage the power of AI within their current roles. Over six dynamic weeks, you’ll gain a deep understanding of AI and its real-world applications. From understanding the various types of generative AI to mastering key elements like context, prompts, and models, this course will equip you with essential tools and best practices to optimize AI integration.
You'll be ready to strategically implement AI and significantly enhance your workplace capabilities by course completion. Don't just adapt to the future – lead the way by leveraging AI to your advantage!

Duration: 6 Weeks
Classes: 2 live, online classes per week
Size of the Class: 12 people max
Certificate: Official 4Geeks Completion Certificate, recognized by multiple institutions.
Requierements: No previous experience is required

6-week course designed to help you leverage the power of AI in the workplace.

Intro to AI
Be More Productive
Text Generation
Image Generation
Tools and Future of AIs
Introduction to AI

Understand AI definitions, types of Artificial Intelligence and how it can benefit your career. Cover practical examples and key concepts like context, prompts, and models


Learn to identify opportunities to implement AI, understand challenges and risks, develop AI strategies, and create useful commands.


week 1

Intro to AI

week 1

Be More Productive

week 2

Text Generation

week 3

Image Generation

week 4

Tools and Future of AIs

week 5 & 6

"A.I. won’t take your job, it’s somebody USING A.I. that’ll take your job."
Economist James Baldwin at the World Economic Forum.

AI can boost human productivity to the point that only AI-proficient professionals will be hired in the future. Do more with less. Don't get left behind.

"A.I. won’t take your job, it’s somebody USING A.I. that’ll take your job."
Economist James Baldwin at the World Economic Forum.

AI can boost human productivity to the point that only AI-proficient professionals will be hired in the future. Do more with less. Don't get left behind.

Get everything you need to succeed


Access cutting-edge insights on how to best leverage AI, gained from hands-on experience training our own internal custom AI.


Our mentors will be available to assist you online or in-person throughout the duration of the course. Ask away, there’s no limit to the number of sessions!


Receive customized advice and guidance, tailored to your unique professional profile.

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Our network of partners is constantly growing. With the dedicated effort of GeekFORCE, our career support service, we proudly boast an employment rate of ~84% within 100 days of graduation. We keep hearing how our graduate’s skills amaze the companies that hired them. "I'm continually impressed by the depth of knowledge possessed by 4Geeks students. In fact, one of my hires from the program ended up becoming a team leader." - CodeNinjas.

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