Coding is a unique experience for everyone involved. “Software is eating the world,” shares a Quora contributor on the Forbes website. Even if dated for internet standards, the article remains current. Companies are doing the same things and users are still relying on apps to make their lives easier. More and more people are joining the internet world daily and the need for more robust technology is imperative.

Some of our students. Faces that we will remember and active members of our community. 

Tech jobs aren’t going anywhere

Jonathan Ferragut (alumni from our very first cohort at Downtown Miami), once mentioned that he was trying to improve his coding skills (by enrolling 4Geeks Full Stack program) “because software development is an industry that will grow so much that is impossible to not become part of it”.  That’s why so many people are getting enrolled in Coding Bootcamps: they are finding a job, a career and a new path with their coding skills.

At 4Geeks we’ve talked endlessly about the benefits of coding. We want to share our student’s stories, motivations and reasons. We’ve gathered a list of testimonials by our own line-up of excellent go-getters to help you see coding in a different light while taking a look at our Academy.

Take a look inside our students' lineup

As you may know, we started our Miami operations with a Web program launched together with Miami Dade College. Josh Lewis, a student from MDC Cohort-III, who owns an SEO/web development  shop shared his thoughts with us:

“I saw the reviews, and saw people being enthusiastic about their experience at 4Geeks, and it seemed like the right fit. The pricing looked like a gimmick, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was, considering the amount, of course, hours and hands-on time. I thought I gotta get on this. That and the relationship with Miami Dade College, who was offering the course and made me feel like it was legit.”

At the same time, Carlos Ávila, who graduated on Computer Engineering in Venezuela, told us how out-of-date he was around the whole programming matter. He felt 4Geeks was right for his budget and all the new things the Academy offers was exactly what he needed.

“I am a Computer Engineer but the lack of practice and knowledge around web technologies and languages is really concerning. I needed to improve my skills, and I needed to fit into the market opportunities, so I enrolled 4Geeks and after few weeks I got a Job as a software developer at Kabir Capital”.

We have asked our students why they want to get into coding, why it matters so much to them and here are some of the answers.

José Alza once stated the following: “All industries will work with the internet, programming, and automation. Possibly, every field in the future will be related or will have something to do with this.”

David, who works in software sales, told us “it’s the building blocks of the future, the way I see it. If you’re a good coder, you have the potential to build a whole set of different things that could possibly change the world.”

Part-Time programs vs. Full-Time

We also asked about our Part-Time methodology. We pride ourselves in this method as we think it is best, but did our students think of it the same?

Martin Taylor, who has worked in an Online Media Monitoring company for a long time, said verbatim, “I feel it’s actually best because you have time to breathe, understand and digest what you learn in the classroom and then come back with a fresh mindset...It’s not overbearing although there is a lot of work to be done.”

Another student in his cohort, Ximena Puig, who is 17 years old and already passionate about getting a degree in Computer Science, was comfortable during the program. This young go-getter worked with her father, played volleyball and joined our Bootcamp to be ready for college. “During the summer I like doing lots of things.”

The people guiding the path

The methodology turns out great for the great majority of our students, but we needed to ask if the instructors were also guiding their success. Jonathan told us “Alejandro teaches not how to code certain things but why you are coding them, how it interacts with other things, what happens if you do it another way. He teaches how to understand what you’re learning.”

Colby Taylor was an amazing story, because he enrolled the program with “zero to nothing knowledge or experience in Coding” and now is already teaching, building websites and talking about coding in a confident and expert manner. “4Geeks is a great place to launch your career as a developer. It takes you from nothing to a point where you are totally able to find a job and a career as a software developer”.

David, the software salesman, explicitly said, “I’m very satisfied. They’re very talented.” Michael Stone and Charles Harper also talked about our Instructors: “Alejandro and Ignacio are great instructors”. That surely helps when you’re learning such a practical subject.

We all feel the same

Generally speaking, in answering how they dealt with their daily life during the program, our students were tired but optimistic. Even though many students have families and a 9-5 obligation, they were able to keep everything in place in spite of sacrificing certain details.

David said, “it’s not easy but it’s only a matter of discipline and motivation. You have to know you’re reading to put in the work,” while Jonathan, a family man, says that when he’s not at home with his girl and the kids or at work, he’s coding, but the Bootcamp is a part of his life that won’t last forever and will help him develop his projects much better.

Looking into the future

There are two kinds of students: The ones who want to get into coding and the ones who got into coding because the road took them there. The latter are more likely to implement what they learn in 4Geeks the second they leave the classroom in their own fields. The first ones have a whole coding career path ahead of them.

Either way, both kinds of students feel what they learn in 4Geeks will help them improve their careers in ways they did not imagine. 100% of the students stated they will continue the coding path. As Josh Lewis, said: “I can tell you that the course paid for itself already,” even before graduation.

Learn to code at 4Geeks Academy

Learning to code with the help of 4Geeks Academy is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication, as many things in life do. It is a universal truth that coding changes the life of everyone involved so why not yours? Enroll in a 4Geeks Academy program and learn coding skills that change your life. Find out more here.