As we’ve stated before, at 4Geeks Academy we offer Part-Time coding programs. If you’re thinking about enrolling in a coding Bootcamp, there are many options you need to consider.

In our blog we said that “We choose Part-time because we are sure that we are able to make software developers out of our students if we took care of the methodology.

Even though Part-time is our favorite way of teaching code, it is the learner who needs to choose the best option. But first, if you think you really need coding, let’s talk about it.

Yes, very important. According to Glassdoor, coding jobs are taking the lead. Furthermore, coding is also one of the highest paying jobs, just below career paths like physicians or pharmacists and there are so many tech job openings that some go unfulfilled for a while. There’s a need for developers and the job market is rewarding them according to their skills.  

You probably already know how well-paid high-demand tech jobs are. Learning to code might land you the best job you can imagine in the most innovative field in the world. Even with other careers in mind, learning to code can be extremely beneficial for you.

That’s why we don’t really need to market the importance of coding, we don’t have to market anything at all. What we really need to offer you is the best option in learning to become a Full Stack Developer.

We have news for you: College is not about learning a specific skill but rather an experience. Traditional education is about a career path design in which the students decide their own subject, what they think they can excel at.  In college, you will learn a lot about the processes and solutions engineers need to think about. In a coding camp, you learn exactly what to do to solve those problems.

Coding Bootcamps are a whole new era of learning, as we've stated before. Coding is not to be learned by contemplation, but rather by practice. Part-Time programs let you digest the information with enough time to think about the processes and/or solutions for a project. A bootcamp methodology, like the one we offer in 4Geeks Academy, provides a hands-on experience with the great advantage of having students and mentors around you to help you learn teamwork—a valuable skill in tech jobs around the world.

4Geeks has had enough experience with this Part-Time program to assure every student that 16 weeks is exactly what’s needed to become a Full Stack Developer. You will learn exactly what you need alongside your peers with direct mentoring (and peace of mind).

A **Full-Time **program is an option for those with the time and capacity to take in all the information from a full day of classes.

Part-time, however, is challenging. A methodology challenge. We have built a program that will make a software developer out of you, with a blended + flipped around methodology. You will have the support of technology, content, exercises, and projects. The goals can be achieved in +20 hours per week.

Part-time programs are not just an option for busy people. It’s for everyone. The program will give you skills and experience to land a job as a software developer.

Boost your career, learn to code

Boost your career, learn to code