Coding Bootcamps are the solution to traditional education institutions’ lack of perspective. Tech talent is needed and Coding Bootcamps are graduating skillful students to address complex software challenges. 

According to a recent report, a junior web developer annual wage is around $58k. Senior developers are around six figures. But what also matters is Location, just like in Real Estate. Big tech cities are paying way more than that; although the costs of living are also pretty expensive.

We understand how important the conversation is about Return of Investment. Here is a ROI report where we address the pros and cons of joining (financially speaking) a Coding Bootcamp.


Everything began in 2011. A new methodology of coding education was being required. Waiting for 4 years in order to get your first College Diploma was just too long. Companies need tech talent and they can’t wait forever to fill the gap. But having a Diploma is also important, regardless of whether it comes from a college or a Bootcamp.

According to a recent report made by Indeed, 84% of employers are satisfied with Bootcamp graduates. Graduating from a Bootcamp will give you the tools to find a job. There are some reports establishing -as criticism- that only 75% of graduates (from a Coding School) actually find a job after graduation. It would look as if the criticism has some ground, however, if we compare that with the percentage of college graduates finding a job, it still looks like Coding Bootcamps add more value to the labor market than traditional institutions.

Coding Bootcamps are now in at least 80 US cities. There are several reasons behind that. First, there is a (i) need of talent: more open positions than graduates per year; and (ii) Coding Programs are really hands-on, mainly focused on skills and technologies.

The importance of a Coding Bootcamps relies on the fact that they are efficient and effective. According to a LinkedIn report (published in 2017), programming was the most demanded skill of the year. Bootcamps are growing everywhere. Le Wagon, for example, has locations in already 4 different continents. General Assembly is across the US territory, Ironhack is opening a new location every now and then, 4Geeks has already 3 cities and is opening 2 more cities in the next few months, etc.

Coding Bootcamps have a common mission: (i) training new people in coding/tech areas (ii) in a short time, (iii) in a less expensive and time-consuming manner, (iv) with a hands-on approach, and (v) focusing on the skills required by the market.

Although there are around 750 coding Bootcamps around the world, this report is focused especially on the ones taught in Miami.

Miami has become one of the cities where Coding Bootcamps have evolved more, but it hasn’t grown much due to regulatory and market burdens. The tech community and startups have been growing fast, so the talent has been in great demand.

Despite the regulatory issues, Coding Bootcamps are delivering great results if we consider the number of graduates, placement, strategic alliances, tuition fees, hiring partnerships, etc. These data indicate how effective and important non-traditional Coding Bootcamps are becoming in the city. One way to verify the influence and efficiency of the best-known Bootcamps in Miami would be by looking at the number of graduates.


There is a long list of many institutions offering web development programs in Miami. Not all of them are actually a Coding Bootcamp, but we are all clear that a better and improved education is being required.  According to the data, we can see that all have been launched recently (compared to traditional institutions), but they are growing pretty fast.

If you are interested in getting more involved in the world of programming, and you are in Florida, these are the academies you have to consider:

4Geeks Academy

Coding Bootcamp focused on Full Stack Software, Web or Front-End development. These programs enable you to face many different coding challenges. Coding is not only about developing websites but also about being capable of working in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and so on. You will sure very likely land a job afterward (91% Placement).  

A major benefit of 4Geeks Academy is that students don't have to quit their current job to learn code. The Academy expects a 24-hour per week commitment. You will find senior mentors, staff ready to help you throughout the program, and an Academic Platform where you will find hundreds of hours of tutorials, videos, exercise, projects, and content specially designed for our students.

4Geeks is also launching a Full-Time program that will be added to their current offer.


Wyncode is famous because of their location and entrepreneurial approach. The full immersive program teaches JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, CSS, and HTML. You will need to develop a final project using JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

The course consists of 10 weeks of coding, and 2 weeks of career development. Wyncode is interested in giving back to the community, as well as assist businesses with creative tech solutions.


Coding Bootcamp offering web development in Miami, Mexico, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and other cities.

The Web Development Bootcamp is an immersive course that goes with –mainly- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Node, Express. Also, IronHack also focuses on the UI/UX program, and a part-time program (6 months) with a tuition of $12k.

IronHack has a career support service that assists students with job search strategies and in practicing with real-world coding tests. It conducts mock interviews and provides access to a network of partner firms that are actively seeking developer talent.


One of the recent teams launching a coding program is Tech Launch, a 9-month web development program. Located in Doral, it was designed for busy adults who are driven to boost their professional skills or change their career, turning beginners into web developers.

The student follows a 20-hour per week schedule, and by the end of the 9-month program, each student will have his/her own portfolio full of web applications.

In Miami (and related areas), there are currently around 15 institutions in operation (including the Bootcamps above) which offer courses in programming, web development, and coding in general. With this in mind, we can talk about several options that will adapt to your profile, your needs, and features. Everything is a matter of checking each one and choosing the one that best suits you. There are some courses that do not work as Bootcamps, that is, they are longer courses, and of particular targets. However, it would also be good to consider them when making a choice.

Below are some additional courses in Miami:

Now that you know a little more about these Bootcamps, here are some additional facts that will help you choose the best option:


Let’s talk about the importance of the methodology when delivering a coding program. Coding Bootcamps can be divided into three main segments: Full-Time, Part-Time or Online programs. Recently, Thinkful made Miami one of their targets, probably because they have seen how the city has been answering to Coding Bootcamps.  Therefore, now Miami is officially a city where multiple options are available for potential coders.

Not everyone learns in the same way, not everyone delivers the same program. There are several options, although Part-time programs are probably the most underestimated yet most valuable options for those who want to launch their career but does not have the chance to quit everything in the meanwhile. Part-time programs are required to build a strong methodology with a mixture of in-person classes, together with a great Academic Platform. Here is why part-time programs are a great option.

Having a proprietary and tailor-made Academic platform actually plays a very important role in the learning process of every student. Technology has to be involved. Projects, content and hundreds of exercises are mandatory.

IronHack has an online platform for currently enrolled students to complete work prior to their starting date, and also for students currently enrolled in one of their programs. Students get to keep their login information as long as they like after graduation.

On the other hand, 4Geeks has developed Breathe Code, a platform aimed to train their students with the best tools (every possible tool) to assure the outcome: full-stack software developers. There are more than 1,000 exercises across all the technologies covered and more than 50 projects of which you can choose to do a handful. Once graduated, the student becomes part of the community and will have access (forever) to the content, the instructors, the locations, and the network.


A report from 2017 says that 84% of employers think that bootcamps graduates are more or as prepared as a college graduate. That’s why this is a real discussion. College graduates and Bootcamp graduates are ready to face the same coding challenges and able to earn the same amount of money.

It is also important to understand what alumni say about their experience, and how experts are providing insights on the role of Coding Bootcamps within the new education trends.

We see how students in their impressions of the Bootcamps are oriented by the promptness, and effectiveness in the learning. Besides, it is not necessary to have a vast experience to start programming because the idea of these programs (be it full-time or part-time) is to train non-coders and make developers out of them.


Placement is the end goal. To get the students hired by a company. It’s actually everybody’s goal. Here some facts to illustrate how important this is:

Remember that one of the advantages of entering a Bootcamp is the support provided by the institution once you have graduated. They are all focused in providing career support, and any kind of new ideas to help you achieve the end goal.


Bootcamps are already a choice for many students looking to become a developer. It’s a fact, not an anticipation of future events. Coding Bootcamps will allow you to immerse yourself in a priceless professional network, where unique job opportunities will arise. In case you have other occupations or trades, the part-time model is made to fit your needs. You have to stop thinking that a degree in computer science is required education; is changing and we are doing our best to improve and grow.

** This report has been published only as a way to provide more information about current coding programs in Miami. 4Geeks is nor liable or responsible in any manner