Generally, to have all the knowledge to be a programmer, you must enter a university and study the entire degree and then go to work. But, with the technological growth of recent times, the demand for developers has grown exponentially to become one of the most demanded professions in the entire world. A coding bootcamp is a short but highly demanding intensive course that prepares anyone with no previous knowledge of programming or development, to a person ready to start their career in technology and enter the job market.

There are bootcamps of different themes, prices, modalities, etc… But essentially they are all the same goals. 4Geeks Academy, for example, offers 2 different bootcamps for beginners, in three different disciplines: full stack development and data science and machine learning . Any of these, in 6 months prepares you to go out into the world of work in addition to offering you help, after graduation, to position yourself in your first job.

Overview of Coding Bootcamp in Berlin

There are a huge number of bootcamps in Germany and especially in Berlin, because this city is a source of tech start-ups and with a huge technological growth. Almost every tech academy that has bootcamps in Europe has a branch office in Berlin. Also Berlin is one of the most searched city for jobs in the area of technology. As a Top institution 4Geeks Academy has a Coding Bootcamp in Berlin as long as in other major cities like the Coding Bootcamp from Hamburg and other Bootcamp in Munich.

Benefits of Attending a Coding Bootcamp in Berlin

The vast majority of bootcamps that can be found on the internet have full-time, part-time, face-to-face and remote modalities. Each modality has its advantages and disadvantages, but without a doubt, attending a bootcamp in Berlin face-to-face has special benefits, such as.

  • Networking: Immersing yourself in the world of people dedicated to technology will bring into your life a large number of contacts that will undoubtedly help your professional growth once you start working. Bootcamps provide opportunities to network with other aspiring and established tech professionals. Teachers, classmates, orators, and guests serve to meet people and build a network of contacts from the time you are a student and beyond.

  • Career Opportunities: As mentioned above, Berlin is a hub for tech startups and established tech companies, one of the biggest in the world. Attending a bootcamp in Berlin can increase your chances of finding a job in the tech industry, the job demand there is enormous and there are avant-garde companies interested in making something different, something that developers love.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Given the sheer size of the technology industry in this city, the opportunities for growth are enormous. As a developer, you can scale in experience like any employee of a technology company, starting with Junior, semi-senior and then Senior, reaching great salaries and job positions. Then the chief technology officer (CTO) of a large company also submits a job position for more experienced persons, and so on.

So, being Berlin a city with many technology companies, start-ups, bootcamps and opportunities, the most prestigious and popular bootcamps in this city are:

  • 4Geeks Academy. It offers 2 bootcamp options in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Europe, South America, and Canada.

  • Le Wagon. Offer Web Development and Data Science bootcamp at over 40 campuses across the world.

  • IronHack. Offers full-time and part-time bootcamps in Web Development, UX/UI design, Data Analytics and Cyber Security.

  • Spiced Academy. Offers full-time, 12-week coding bootcamps and data science bootcamps in Berlin.

Preparing for a Coding Bootcamp in Berlin

Many academies around the world give to their students when enrolling a bunch of exercises to give a basic understanding of the tools that they are about to learn. Some of them are reading lessons and others are logic exercises. For example, 4Geeks Academy, prepares you with more than 150 javaScript exercises and a lot of reading lessons about how the internet works, and exercises of HTML and CSS, so when you start everybody is familiarized with the basic concepts of web development.

Prerequisites for Enrolling

One of the things that make boot-camps such a great opportunity for everyone is that no previous knowledge of any of the tools that will be used or any knowledge of technology is required. The teachers and the educational line are in charge of training you as a developer from scratch. They start with the most basic concepts, and with the exercises they propose, which are arranged in such a way that the level of difficulty increases in a pedagogical way, and they make sure that once the course has started you will have no problems implementing the tools they teach. Even, at 4Geeks Academy there is a mentoring system, which consists of a scheduled meeting with a teacher or former student of the academy who can guide you if you find yourself stuck due to any difficulty or lack of knowledge or understanding of a subject and this works forever, even after boot-camp is over.

Recommended Skills to Develop

When a person becomes a developer, the least part of their time is spent writing code, and most of their time is spent reading code and looking for information. The ability to searching information in Google for the necessary solutions for a certain task is essential for the training of any developer, understanding that generally someone has already gone through that problem in the past and has remained in a blog to help those of the future. The most used blogs to search for information are and

Another skill that needs to be developed to be successful as a developer is resilience, as there will be many hours of trying different methods to achieve a result that often will not work. Codes are extremely perfectionist and a misspelled letter can break the code and bring down a tower of commands even if it is very well built.

As you can imagine, the English language is something that you have to practice a lot if you aren’t very skilled. The industry and all the information of technology is dominated by the English language.

Tips for Succeeding in a Coding Bootcamp

There are different ways to approach the learning process of a bootcamp, and they are all correct. But, without a doubt, there are some tips that are transversal for any student who is starting a bootcamp:

  • Study the lesson before class.

Coming to class without having had a minimal approach to the topic that will be discussed in class will cause many conceptual doubts to arise during the class. Assuming also that there are more than 10 people present in the class, these doubts can be many and the class can have a much lower performance than it would be if all the students read the lesson and then only go with the doubts to the class. In this way, the whole course and each student separately will have a better use of time and a much better and more efficient learning performance.

  • Review at least every day.

Coding is like a high-performance sport, that is, you have to be trained. It is surprising the speed with which certain learning is forgotten when it is not practiced and is not constantly trained to continue development. For this reason, it is always highly recommended to spend at least one hour a day reviewing the material, looking at the code, doing exercises, or whatever keeps you fit to face future problems.

  • Do not leave behind deliveries or matters not understood.

A bootcamp has the characteristic of being very demanding in terms of the speed of learning. In 6 months, or even less, a person who knows nothing about the subject is prepared from scratch. For this reason, if the rhythm of assignments and projects is neglected, these can accumulate and can be very stressful for the student, not only because they accumulate quickly, but also, as mentioned in the previous point, they go from one subject to another very quickly, so tackling an old subject can require a lot more work than doing it on time. Organizing personal times is crucial to be able to carry out learning at the required pace, schedule the hours of the day necessary to avoid falling behind and to read the classes before the chair.

Salaries for Coding Bootcamp graduates in Berlin

The average salary for bootcamp graduates in Berlin depends on the specific program, industry area, and the individual's level. However, a full-stack developer in Berlin, just graduate can expect to earn around €60,000 - €80,000 per year and senior positions offering salaries upwards of €100,000.

Job Opportunities in Berlin's Tech Industry

Berlin is one of the cities with the most job opportunities in technology companies in the world, with good salaries, good contracts, and a very good work network. Not only are there thousands of startups launching every year, but all the big companies have offices with jobs in this city. These include Microsoft, GitHub, Airbnb, SAP, Wayfair, Amazon, Datadog, and Snowflake. Many of these offer 100% remote jobs and other face-to-face and hybrid modalities.