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*Is it a good choice to become a soft dev? *What does a Software Dev do? do? *earnings *2022 market demand.

In this blog post we'll be talking about Python, why it is so popular, its libraries and use, and top jobs that include Python in their toolbox.

This article is about: What is AI? how much is growing? Market Opportunities

Should I learn to Code? Benefits of learning to code.

We actually do not understand why only a few coding schools are teaching JS and Python combined into just one program.

The key to being a great coder is having the disposition to improve every day and apply strategies that will make you more productive and efficient.

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Feelings when learning and working as a developer.

Education needs a change. There are more than 500.000 computer science open jobs nationwide. And it will increase up to 1.4 million by 2020.

The ideal instructor, know the attributes and skills of a good teacher when you are learning to code

Python, Ruby on Rails or PHP? Let's take a look at what's the best option for you.

Web designers and software developers respond to different skills. The requirements of education are different and so are the opportunities they offer.

Rails framework gave us a lot, it changed the way web products were made, but now Ruby is behind the rest. Is not even in the top 10 already.

The #IntroToCoding Workshop was held on December 17th at WeWork Lincoln Road. The topic of the workshop was: How Does The Web Work?

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