Within the coding ecosystem, new languages appear constantly to cover all the demands of the tech world. Python and JavaScript ensure that everything works effectively so the user feels completely satisfied with the information, services, etc. If you’re starting in the code world aiming to be a Full-Stack programmer, you may wonder which languages you should be able to manage completely. Well, let us help you with that! Every beginning is overwhelming and stressful but at 4Geeks Academy, you can feel safe knowing that you’ll have wonderful mentors to be by your side, and teaching you everything you need to adapt to the real world.

JavaScript and Python are meant to work together for web applications, and more.  We actually do not understand why not everyone is teaching JS and Python. Although if that happens, then another technology will be even more popular (that’s the way we -humans- are meant to be :) ). 

A-must for any coder

How relevant is JavaScript for modern Web Developers?

If you ask any programmer about JavaScript, probably he would tell you that it is unimaginable being a software developer without knowing JavaScript. JavaScript is to websites what meatballs are for Swedish. According to some reports, “There are over 1.6 billion websites in the world, and JavaScript is used on 95% of them (1.52 billion websites with JavaScript)”. However, if you are a newbie, you may wonder, what is JavaScript? It’s a front-end programming language that takes care of the interaction, dynamic experience of the user, anything that moves, refreshes, or otherwise changes on your screen without requiring you to manually reload a web page.

For any coding student, launching your coding experience with JavaScript is the way to go. Simplicity, popularity, speed, interoperability, versatility, rich interfaces, popular frameworks, among many others, are only a few of the benefits of managing this programming language. JavaScript works perfectly in different platforms and devices; you can be able to create your idea and design astonishing visual effects, interactions, games, and much more. 

Are you looking to become a Front-End Developer? Knowing your career goals can make it easier at the moment you are choosing your favorite programming language. For example, if you like being on the client-side and designing, JavaScript is an indisputable option to achieve your goals. 

Python leads among the favorites

Python is one of the most demanded programming languages ​​nowadays, in fact, it has become the favorite of Big Data companies for its great advantages. Starting with its simplicity, which allows it to be easier to learn. For beginners in coding, Python could be the best choice to learn fast and easier. 

Another of its greatest advantages is the readability of the code, unlike other programming languages ​​that are more complex to read. Among its strengths, we also have that it's multiplatform, it is used to program any type of web applications, pages, and services. Big brands like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube are using this programming language.

In 4Geeks, we teach Python as a backend language given that we consider it to be one of the most readable and clean programming languages at the present, making it easier for programmers to work with. For us, there is no doubt that teaching Python is vital for the students in order to be fully prepared and triumph at the first job position that will guide them to continue achieving their goals. 

Instagram, one of the most important social networks, is developed with this Python framework, like Pinterest too. Platforms that offer a simple and easy backend by any user, besides the fact that handles large amounts of databases.

If you are thinking about learning your first programming language, you should be motivated to prepare completely and not only pick one programming language, you can be great at both! however, to begin with, you can start with the one that you consider more comfortable to work with, the one that feels right, and the one that fulfills your expectations. 

Our co-founder and Head of the Academic Dpt., Alejandro Sánchez, believes that as technology continues evolving, students need to avoid sitting in the comfort zone. To be a successful coder, you must be eager for knowledge and be willing to be at the forefront of new paths, technologies, languages, and more.

“We encourage our team to rethink our syllabus constantly, adding or removing whatever is needed to have the best product possible. We think having an up-to-date syllabus will increase our student’s success and put us ahead of the competition at the same time”, mentions Sánchez. JavaScript and Python are excellent languages, and in our Coding Bootcamp, you can learn both and you will leave with all the skills to be successful. 

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